Vegan for the animals!

Animals have feelings

Animals want to live! Just like us. We were taught that (farm) animals are raised as food for us. They are considered items designed for consumption. Stuff. Products. Clothes.

But animals are individuals with unique feelings and emotions. They also feel joy, affection and fear. Like us, they make friendships and want to enjoy life.

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Do you like animals?

Many people have pets. We share our homes with them, we feed them and we take care of them. We consider them members of our family.

They may not be able to speak our language but they do communicate with us. In fact, people often turn to them for emotional support during difficult times. But we cut the throats of other animals! We put our forks in their flesh and eat them, or we wear them as clothing and make handbags of them.

"The only difference between a baby calf and a puppy is our perpection."

You can already make a difference! In the future, do not eat meat or fish, but eat an extra portion of tasty vegetables or a ripe piece of fruit.

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